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Terri Schindler Schaivo:
Theresa of the Forgotten

We at My Jesus Mercy Ministries firmly believe that one day Terri Schindler Schaivo will be declared a saint, God willing! We base our belief on the following facts from the known and the unknown, (the mystery of Faith). It was on March 25, 2005, when Holy Mother the Church mourned the Passion of Jesus, in that same time Terri was undergoing the torments of one who was being denied the basic essentials of life, food and water. In a unprecedented gesture of solidarity, Pope John Paul II, who was himself placed on a feeding tube in the waning hours of his life, offered his suffering for Terri.

Somehow mysteriously he knew the magnitude of Terri’s sacrificial offering and the profound effects it would eventually have upon the world, in building what he would often call a Culture of Love and Life! Another sign of a great mystery when God shows His approval is when an event happens three times, such as Terri’s feeding tube being removed. On the third time her mission is to begin, when a greater good will come from gruesome evil. In the silence of her soul this sacrifice was asked of her. A maxim in the Spiritual Life: for a great evil to end in the world a great sacrifice must be made. This is the power of the Cross! We believe Terri’s sacrifice will placate God’s justice for our sins against the gift of life. She became a pleasing sacrifice which God the Most High took unto Himself.
We are not alone in our belief of Terri’s cause, Our dear father in the Holy Faith, His Excellency Archbishop Raymond L. Burke has the same conviction. He said of Terri’s death: “It was the most heinous act of barbarism ever committed on a person in this country.” He hopes one day Terri’s life will be looked at and considered for the for the cause of Sainthood and that she will be counted among the Blessed. Pope Benedict XVI said: “Those suffering and sick are the most eloquent witnesses of Divine Mercy. Thus Terri was an eloquent witness of Divine Mercy.

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