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My Jesus Mercy Ministries first priority is to foster devotion to the merciful heart of Jesus as revealed to St. Faustina Kowalska

Our mission is accomplished by spreading knowledge of the five main vessels of Divine Mercy:

(1) The three o’clock Mercy Prayer
(2) The Chaplet of Divine Mercy
(3) The Image of Divine Mercy
(4) The Feast of Divine Mercy
(5) Trust in his Divine Mercy

This has been done through literature, radio, television and speaking engagements.
That we may become authentic carriers of this message to a world in great need of God’s Mercy, we try to prepare our souls by emptying ourselves of self and filling ourselves with the Grace of God. This is done through the Sacraments. Especially the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Daily Divine Office, the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Through True Devotion to Mary according to St. Louis de Montfort, we turn to her and her spouse, the Holy Spirit, for guidance. We call on our spiritual director for approval on all new projects. All is done for the greater honor and glory of God in unity with the Holy Father and all Bishops in communion with him.

Before I come as the Just Judge, I will come as the Merciful Savior.”

- Jesu Rex Misericordiae


©2006 My Jesus Mercy Ministries Inc.

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The hardcover is $20.00 postage and handling included.
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A Must Read for all Wisdom seekers !

Divine Mercy in My Soul

A must read for all souls, seeking out their true identity as children of God! Children, who have lost their way in a culture of death. Prophesied by Jesus to St. Faustina, this message is a gentle reassurance of the Scripture passage: “Where sin abounds greater is the grace.” Always tender is God’s Mercy when mankind has lost his way. Jesus, raises up pure souls like St. Maria Faustina to guide us back to his loving arms. As in all private revelation approved by Holy Mother Church, Scripture must be fulfilled. So also in the Diary “Divine Mercy in My Soul” the scripture passage once again comes alive to the people of God: “It is mercy I desire.” In the diary this merciful love comes to its riveting climax with Jesus asking of St. Faustina: “For a feast in honor of his Divine Mercy.” This request was fulfilled by Pope John Paul II, the Pope of Mercy on the first Sunday after Easter April 18, 2000. Jesus also revealed to St. Faustina, four other vessels of his mercy: the chaplet, the hour of great mercy, the merciful image and the novena to the Divine Mercy. Read, meditate, experience for yourself a message that will come alive in your soul then glorify Jesus as the King of Mercy! Glorify his greatest attribute before the day of Justice shall come upon the world.