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Friends of Melchizedek

Dear Friends of the High Priest, Jesus. We would like to offer a grace for your souls. As a corporal and spiritual work of mercy, we would like to have the Holy sacrifice of the Mass said for the following categories:

1. Young men discerning the call of the Holy Priesthood
2. Seminarians
3. Holy Priesthood
4. Souls of Priests in Purgatory

• All masses to be said on Major Feast Days of Our Lord, Blessed Mother and St. Joseph
• A donation of $5.00 per Mass
• All Masses to be said by a Missionary Priest

Donations may be sent to:

My Jesus Mercy Ministries
RR 1 Box 74 Pleasant Mount PA 18453

Or call us toll free at:
1(866) 448-MARY (6279)

The Following is a letter of support and Encouragement from the former Bishop of La Crosse, WI, now the current Archbishop of St. Louis Archbishop Raymond L. Burke
O F F I C E O F T H E B I S H 0 P
June 27, 2003
Mr. Joe Grady
My Jesus Mercy Ministries, Inc.
RR1-Box 74
Pleasant Mount, Pennsylvania 18453

Dear Joe,
Thank you for your letter of June 17 last, regarding the Friends of Melchizedek and the prayers offered by the Friends of Melchizedek for young men discerning the call to the priesthood, for seminarians, for priests and for the souls Of priests in purgatory. My highest compliments to you on this most noble apostolate. Surely, in our day, more than ever, those called to the ordained priesthood, and priests are in need of many prayers. The Masses you are having offered are bringing untold wisdom and strength to those whom God is calling to the priesthood, those who are priests and untold solace to the souls of those priests who are in purgatory.
When I am able, I will make reference to your noble work in my column for The Catholic Times, encouraging the faithful to have a Mass said for priests.
Certainly, our Diocesan Mission Office would be happy to receive any Mass offerings and would have them offered by missionary priests. However, it is fine to continue to have them offered by the Capuchins of the Seraphic Mass Association.
It pleased me to know that you had the occasion to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse. It is, indeed, beautiful and a most noble spiritual work. Please pray hard that I will be able to bring this noble work to completion at the earliest possible time.Thank you for the assurance of your prayers for me. Please continue them the same.
Invoking God’s blessing upon you, your family and your apostolate, I remain
Yours devotedly in Christ,
(Most Rev.) Raymond L. Burke Bishop of La Crosse